Implementation period: 01.12.2020 - 31.05.2023

The immediate aim of the project is to investigate which vocational guidance procedures the partner organisations use to promote and improve the reputation of vocational training. After getting to know them, we want to learn from each other by examining the possibilities of implementation.

The partnership consists of five organisations active in both vocational training and vocational guidance.

In the application coordinated by the Heves County Chamber of Commerce and Industry we have planned complex learning processes. The project is based on mutual learning; our common goal is that the participants acquire new knowledge that they can apply directly in their work. We believe that the partner organisations have a unique and specialised knowledge in the field of vocational training and vocational guidance. In this way, each partner can learn a lot from the others. International project meetings are intended for this purpose, where everyone can present their own good practice to the partnership members.

- Heves County Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Involving enterprises in vocational guidance, matching education and labour market needs.

- Aspire-Igen Group Limited: Career guidance in vocational training

- Ballymun Job Centre, theme: Quality assurance in vocational training

- Berufsschule für Baugewerbe: Motivation in vocational training

- Gymnázium Kráľovský Chlmec: Vocational training in the grammar school

In this way, all types of institutions dealing with vocational training and vocational guidance are represented in the partnership.

In those areas where we need further joint development, we organised 2 Short-term joint staff training events. Accordingly, we focus - through the organization by the HKIK - on how we can use social media to enhance the reputation of vocational training.

We also analyse - through the organisation by Aspire-Igen Group Limited - the topic on which the project mainly focuses. During the training, we analyse effective reaching out techniques in vocational guidance.

These activities underpin both our short- and long-term goals.

After all, our goal is to increase the effectiveness of the information that reaches students and we believe that this new communication will spark their interest. Our long-term goal is to increase the number of enrolments in vocational training. This is an important issue not only at national but also at EU level.

The collection of good practices produced as a result of the project will include the good practices of the partners and a feasibility analysis of the projects per country.

The collection will be available to a wide range of professionals, as the target group ranges from primary school students to adults changing careers.